We’re Proud To Be The Leading Apple Consultant For Mac-Based Businesses Throughout Southern California.

Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long-term clients who, year after year, put their trust in us. You don’t have to take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say about us.


“Creative Resources designed and installed every aspect of our multi-location integrated system to manage our diverse business activities. We have high value investment assets and were handicapped by inadequate IT. Creative Resources did everything we could have wanted in a highly professional manner. We now have a thoroughly integrated system where every aspect fits exactly the need we explained at the outset. They now maintain the system and are immediately responsive and 100% effective. I have no affiliation with them except as a client, but I say hire them!”

Barry Meguiar Founder
Revival Outside the Walls


“I’m so grateful for the Apple Consultants Network leading us to CRTG. I no longer worry if an IT issue arises because I have complete confidence that CRTG will solve any and all issues promptly and effectively, so we won’t have to continually have the same issues. I love that we have an IT strategist to interact with to make sure our needs are met. Our needs have not only been met since day one, but CRTG’s professionalism and service has far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend this company.”

Jeff Elghanayan President
Bicoastal Properties

Always Offer The Best Solution, Not Just A Quick Fix

The tasks of maintaining and fixing our systems are no longer there – offloaded to CRTG so we can be more productive doing what we do. CRTG is proactive in maintaining our systems and preventing problems. They always offer the best solution, not just a quick fix. CRTG is very responsive and knowledgeable with the new technology available. Set up a meeting with Russell, he’s a great guy and easy to work with - and so is the rest of his staff.

Alex Selamat President
Creative Fusion

Better Services That Fit Our Business Needs!

Partnering with Creative Resources Technology Group has been an absolute gamechanger for our business. Their ability to tailor their services to fit our business needs truly sets them apart. When it comes to professional support, we can always count on Creative Resources Technology Group. They are not only equipped with up-to-date technology, they also implement them seamlessly into our operations.

Creative Resources Technology Group provides comprehensive strategies that have guided us remarkably in shaping our overall IT direction. Every step of the way, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals and challenges, offering solutions that are clear, effective, and efficient.

For anyone who's still undecided about choosing the right IT partner, I have one clear message: Choose Creative Resources Technology Group without hesitation. We've had nothing but good experiences, so, without a doubt, Creative Resources Technology Group is the top choice!

Jane Wan President
Quality Worldwide

No Question CRTG is Expert with Knowledge of Apple Products and Services

The most positive benefit is the quick and timely response in solving IT issues via the CRTG ticket system. The second most positive benefit is the knowledgeable staff being on top of the fast-moving technology that most IT departments face in today’s world. No question the CRTG staff is expert with knowledge of Apple products and services. We’ve been with CRTG for a long time and there are a limited number of computers that support Apple Business Computers. CRTG has grown rapidly the last few years but the technicians are always available to query concerns and the owner, Russell, is always available for long-term strategic planning.

Eric Evans President
Evans Alloys

Better Sense of Secure Environment

CRTG has provided us a better sense of a secure environment. Their proactive approach to cybersecurity is what they do best. Give CRTG a try if you want quick responses to security issues.

Matthew Krall Controller
Oasis Medical

A Big Team, Fast Response

The biggest benefit we have is knowing that when there is a problem CRTG has a big team behind us that will get it straightened out ASAP.

We have from day 1 years ago, been treated as a customer who is very important to CRTG. I love the fact that they remote into my machine from their office. I don’t have to wait for a technician to come out. They are available to us on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the past I worked with a company who, if they got a request from a larger company, they would cancel our appointment. CRTG has never done that, in all the time I have been associated with them.

Try them. They treat you the same o the 100th call as on the first call when you were a new client. If you are as impatient as I am when you need help on your computer, you will not be disappointed.

Suzanne Mellor Owner

Lives Up To Their Reputation Of Being Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

While growing our company from its startup stage, Creative Resources Technology Group has become a close working partner and has given us ease of mind and security knowing they'll take care of our network and IT needs. The team at CRTG lives up to their reputation of being dedicated, experienced professionals while also maintaining personable relationships with us. We consider the services CRTG provides to be invaluable.

Sandra Del Zoppo Operations Manager | SVP

Highly Responsive, Highly Involved

What CRTG does better than the other IT firm we’ve worked with in the past is that they’re highly responsive. Compared to other companies, CRTG stays highly involved. If you’re still on the fence about this, you need to consider the folks who are actually doing the support vs the sales team. Give them a call, you will be glad you did.

Ken Ribotsky CEO
Brandkarma, LLC

The Answer to Your Needs

As many people have, we too have made a significant investment in hardware without the requisite software and IT knowledge. Creative Resources Technology Group fills the gap perfectly! CRTG has a proven system for support. We love having the ability to enter a service ticket through the streamlined ticket system and have peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable CRTG technician will respond to our ticket and resolve the issue. If you’re looking for an IT support that is timely, accurate, and provides a personal touch, then Creative Resources is the answer to your needs.

Maureen Moran CFO
The Irvine Company

Unmatched, Unparalleled Service

CRTG’s intellectual property is unmatched. All the technicians are knowledgeable and resolute in resolving issues that arise. We’ve worked with other IT firms in the past and CRTG’s responsiveness is unparalleled. Get off the fence if you want an IT firm that sets the standard in customer service. You won’t be disappointed.

Jill Lindsay CFO
Hausman Investments


“Less than a year ago our company had been experiencing multiple lengthy periods of email downtime due to our previous email hosting provider. The cost to our company in lost productivity, time, monetary damages and our reputation with our clients was getting higher every day. As the sole “IT” person at our company, my days were filled with putting out fires. That all seems like it was in the distant past now. CRTG provides us with online data backups, email archiving, onsite and remote support, and a host of other services that we now find invaluable. Their Apple technical knowledge is first rate. But more impressive than that is their team of engineers, technicians and office personnel. All of them are personable, friendly, responsive, professional and excellent communicators. As much as we would like to keep CRTG a secret for selfish reasons, I hope this review influences some of you to give them a try. We’re certainly glad we did!”

Jim Hendricks Project Manager
Riviera Building & Development


“On time, on budget, exceeded expectations, highly qualified, goes the extra mile to be sure it is right, very professional, very comfortable to have around, very competent, installs confidence and peace of mind. These guys are the only guys to go with. Highly satisfied.”

John Kelsall Co-Founder
The Jonas Project


“CRTG’s knowledgeable staff are prompt and professional in their ongoing support of our Apple servers. They have provided valuable set up & maintenance support as well as troubleshooting assistance via the web and also in person. CRTG also helped us to anticipate future needs and suggested various options to best address those needs.”

Robert Teel Apple Server Admin
Taft College


“Creative Resources has provided Innocean Americas with outstanding support and services for many years now. They have assisted us with a wide variety of services ranging from the corporate move of our entire Mac IT infrastructure to maintaining our complex Xsan environment. Their knowledge and expertise in the networking field is unsurpassed.”

Seth Harmon IT Analyst
Innocean Americas


“We’re a Socal based Ad agency (mac-based) and we’ve been using CRTG for about 3 years now. They’ve always provided excellent IT consulting, are very transparent in their management of our IT services and can tailor projects to our needs. If you need a comprehensive IT solution or a one off project these are your guys. Their facility is top ntch and their knowledge of everything Apple is always cutting edge. Highly recommend.”

Tate Allen IT Manager
Intertrend Communications


“Expensive, but worth it. You get what you pay for in this industry. 4 professional people work from home (medical, PhD dissertation writing, artist, etc) so it was essential to have high speed, reliable internet. This company achieved those goals. Hire them now. You will not regret it.”

Dr. Timothy Schmidt, MD

Honest, Reliable IT Firm at Your Fingertips

“If you’re looking for personalized, professional and honest service, then you’re in the right place. Unlike other IT firms, Russell and his team at CRTG actually takes the time to listen to understand our situation. They helped us put an IT structure in place that is tailored specifically to our business needs. Choose CRTG and you’ll be well-served from Day 1. We highly recommend this company.”

James Lago President | CEO
Phenox Inc.


“I hired CRTG to not only help with the transition from an MS Windows based network to an Apple Based System but to have both operating systems work side by side simultaneously. The consultant was highly qualified, professional, friendly and more than willing to take the time to answer my questions and to explain in a manner that was easily understood. CRTG helped me make decisions in making the correct choices for services necessary for my business. The consultant made several suggestions that improved operations that saved me operating costs. I will highly recommend CRTG not only for the highly trained technicians, but for their top-notch customer service as well. Thanks for the Apple Consultant Network for steering me in the right direction!!”

Jeanne Renner Owner
Making Ends Meet Family Financial Counseling