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What are managed Services?

Should you have an internal IT team, a Managed IT Provider, or both? This short video explains 5 benefits of trusting your IT needs to a team of professionals. 

fix my mac!

Ever wonder what the Fix My Mac! function does? This video will give you a quick tutorial on how to run it, what exactly it is doing, and why it is a good idea to make it a daily habit for your work station. 

Web Help Desk First Log In

Your company just told you to start using the Web Help Desk ticketing system for your IT support. Now what? Watch this video for tips on signing in for the first time and creating your password. 

Emergency Tickets

You're having an IT disaster that has prevented you from doing any work. But is it an emergency? Use this video to determine when to submit an emergency ticket for immediate support. 

What is Instant Virtualization?

By now, most companies understand the importance of backing up their data (we hope!). This short video takes you through the steps of instant virtualization and the critical role it plays in business continuity, and how it is far surpassing traditional back up solutions.