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30-Day Trial of Sentinel Suite -

Proactive Monitoring, Detection &

Preemptive Action


System problems, data loss, and unplanned downtime can be disastrous to an organization. Monitoring the health of your servers and workstations can put a strain on you or your internal resources. 


Sentinel works around the clock, checking for any anomalies and pushing updates, 24/7. This non-invasive software works quietly in the background to ensure your computers are always performing at optimum levels - all designed around the seamless Apple experience. Identifying small problems before they develop into large ones, or cause data loss, will provide peace of mind before any failure could occur. 

Sentinel Monitoring is able to preemptively detect:

  • Initial Hard Drive failures (I/O failure monitoring)
  • Report Backup Status and failures
  • Server software/reboots
  • Network errors or performance issues
  • Kernel panics (hard system crashes)
  • POST, RAM, and SMART error detection
  • System performance issues
  • Malware removal - providing an additional layer of threat management
  • Server RAID status or failures
  • Reporting features for demographic profiling of systems


There is ZERO cost or obligation to buy anything when you request this service. This is simply our way of giving you a risk-free "get to know us" offer to people we haven't had the pleasure of doing business with.

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