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Sentinel Suite for Mac


Proactive Monitoring, Detection & Preemptive Action

System problems, data loss, and unplanned downtime can be disastrous to an organization. Monitoring the health of your servers and workstations can put a strain on you or your internal resources. At CRTG we are committed to providing our subscribers proactive support to track the health of your Apple systems. In the event of something going wrong, our support engineers are alerted and called to troubleshoot and repair issues completely in a non-invasive and transparent fashion. We understand the significance in providing you the tools to keep your systems online and with maximum uptime. 

  • Initial Hard Drive failures (I/O failure monitoring)
  • Report Backup status and failures
  • Server software/reboots
  • Network errors or performance issues
  • Kernel panics (hard system crashes)
  • POST, RAM and SMART error detection
  • System performance issues
  • Malware removal – providing an additional layer of threat management
  • Server RAID status or failures 
  • Performs maintenance around your schedule
  • Automatic disk verification & repairs, permission repairs
  • Virus/Malware protection: updates definitions/performs full disk scan
  • Backup and purging of user and system caches
  • Central logging of activity and results for our engineers to monitor
  • All operating system software, applications and third party programs are kept up to date 
  • Reporting features for demographic profiling of systems

Whether you have internal IT or not, Sentinel Suite can play a supporting role in any organization. Both the Silver and Gold plans give you ease of mind with the full list of features to monitor and protect your network. For additional IT Support, Sentinel Gold provides access to our 24/7 Helpdesk so you can reach out to our team of Apple Engineers to remotely troubleshoot and resolve any issue slowing down your business. 



  • Full Sentinel Suite including 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Monthly Reporting on all devices
  • $50 per user/month


  • Full Sentinel Suite including 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Reporting on all devices
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Bomgar Remote Support
  • Unlimited Cloud-Hosted Backups
  • $75 per user/month