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Security & Infrastructure

CRTG partners with industry-leading vendors in providing progressive technologies for your business. Our specialties include switching and routing configuration, server and storage installation and maintenance, firewall and wireless configuration, as well as advanced networking implementation. We help clients maintain a competitive edge by optimizing your network making it fast, reliable, scalable and secure. Click here to learn more.

Security and Infrastructure
Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure Assessment

Solid IT Planning, architecture, and design enable businesses to extinguish routine problems before they can even start.  With CRTG, there is no limit to what your business can accomplish. From examining your systems to uncovering anomalies, we will recommend solutions to keep your network safe.  Providing those in-depth assessments can reduce your overall IT operating costs, decrease downtime, increase user productivity and improve the reliability and service of your network. Click here to learn more.

Mobile Device Management

iOS Management & Deployment

Effectively optimizing the mobile environment requires IT to have enhanced visibility and control of devices and the OS. At CRTG, we understand that there are multiple ways to deploy an iPhone, iPad or other multi-user device. Whether a business or educational institution, you have a variety of different deployment choices that depend on your unique requirements. Deployments can range from supporting a few organization-owned devices to thousands of devices. Whatever the scale of the deployment, CRTG can provide a key role in your mobility decisions.  Our engineers can develop a plan that is customized to your needs, from the MDM server build to the full deployment and ongoing management of all your devices. Click here to learn more.

OS X Management & Deployment

CRTG offers management and support for large deployments of workstations, servers, and cluster nodes.  Our team of project managers and engineers provide a level of personalized and proactive service to support your business. Organizations now need to be efficient and managed effectively with no downtime. Our Engineering team can rapidly keep pace and develop solutions for your infrastructure deployment and upkeep as well as provide updates on latest features, product roadmaps, industry trends and available resources. Click here to learn more.

OS X Management and Deployment

Server/Client Support

CRTG’s collaborative approach uses the best practices in providing your business the confidence it needs to have servers and client machines managed and operated with a focus on operational efficiency and elite performance. Whether you are installing or migrating an OS X server, every member of our engineering team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of effective server management backed by years of direct hands-on experience designing, implementing, and maintaining server solutions. CRTG provides services that span an array of value-added solutions that encompass security and tactical elements of support and operation. Click here to learn more. 

Server Client Support
Mac Windows Integration

Mac/Windows Integration

With Macs continuing to flow into enterprise, integration with Windows systems has become essential for businesses. If you are ready to integrate a Mac or iOS device into an existing Windows or other standards-based network, CRTG will guide you through the process of setting up your systems. Our expertise provides a full understanding of both operating systems resulting in comprehensive solutions to seamlessly integrate your machine into the larger network. Click here to learn more.