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Summer Power Outages Could Be Disastrous for Small Businesses

Can your small business survive an unplanned power outage? Do you have enough back up power to ensure that your business critical data is accessible and online? In the event of a sudden black out, are you sure your critical data is backed up and easy to restore after a disaster?

If you don’t like the answer to these questions the time to act is now. According to Southern California Edison*, the closing of the Aliso Canyon facility this summer could cause a possible 14 extra days of power outages and up to 32 days for the remainder of the year. These planned outages are in addition to scheduled maintenance events, upgrading equipment, and all of the usual summer unplanned outages caused by the heat, traffic accidents, and high winds. With the record setting temperatures we have already seen in southern California this year, we can only anticipate more severe heat waves ahead.

When you add up the total amount of hours, (even days!) your business can go without power this summer, the lost production and revenue starts to really add up. And to make matters worse, if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you could lose your data in a flash and have nothing to show for it.

At CRTG we pride ourselves on keeping our partners' businesses up and running 24/7. By providing the safest backup strategies and hybrid data storage solutions, we ensure you are never without your company data. If power in your office goes out, you can easily access critical data from the cloud, from all of your devices. To learn more about implementing a Backup Disaster Recovery plan for your business, fill out a Contact form and one of our engineers will be sure to reach out and create a custom plan for your organization.