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CRTG's Disaster Recovery in Action

We here at CRTG pride ourselves on looking out for our partners, and being proactive in all of our support. We have always recommended putting a disaster recovery plan in place as a bare minimum, because nothing is more valuable to a business than their data. The term “disaster” often sparks images of horrid weather conditions, however incredible acts of nature only account for roughly 30% of downtime disaster scenarios for a business. While earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados don’t strike as often, their impact on a business is unparalleled in terms of cost and total damage. Be that as it may, the more common ‘IT disasters’ happen internally, either from human error, battery or equipment failure, or in CRTG’s personal experience, faulty plumbing. We truly do mean it when we warn you: it could happen to anyone!

What began as a minor ceiling leak, turned into a full-on disaster at CRTG’s Costa Mesa office. The slow drip was described to our staff as a routine pipe replacement from the plumbers, and a common problem that should take no longer than 30 minutes to repair. Unfortunately, if your plumber forgets to turn off the water to the building first, you could have one giant problem. Our staff watched as the minor drip turned into a mini waterfall pouring out of our ceiling as plumbers scrambled to grab buckets to minimize the already costly damage. Now you don’t need to work in IT to know what water damage can do to your hardware, as well as your entire business. Thankfully, our Engineers were quick to notice and jumped to action protecting all of our most valuable hardware. Despite water leaking onto our server, client workstations, and storage room, our engineers limited our downtime to a mere 2 minutes! Having your critical data stored and accessible in multiple places definitely comes with its advantages.

We don’t recommend that each organization should put a disaster recovery plan in place for nothing. Our engineers truly believe in the industry’s best practices, and because it saved our business, we know firsthand that it can save yours. Now hopefully your business never has to experience an event as scary, however it always helps to be prepared. Gartner estimates that only 35% of SMBs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Without a plan, it takes an average of 18.5 hours for a business to recover after a disaster, and the remedy could be much more costly than if proper preparations were set. Aside from the high costs of salvaging whatever data survived the disaster, the average cost of downtime ranges from $74,000 for mid-size companies all the way to $800,000 for an enterprise. If your organization is smaller, this could very well mean the end of your business, all due to random forces outside of your control. 

Our disaster recovery plan saved us, and we know it could save your business as well. Do yourself a favor and invest in the well being of the company you worked so hard for. Don’t let a plumber cutting corners result in the end of your business. For more information on a customized disaster recovery plan suited to your business, check out our SafetyNet service page, or Contact Us at 877-MACS-911 to speak with a representative today.