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iOS 9.3 – Apple’s Commitment to Education

Apple has introduced a number of new features in its latest update to iOS that seem to be a direct push back into the education market. While iPads have continuously made their way into schools from all grade levels, this latest update seems to be making the transition a no-brainer. With features ranging from new classroom apps, to the ability to manage all devices from a central location, it has never been easier for teachers to have a direct impact on helping the students get the most out of their devices.


Shared iPad for Students


For schools that simply cannot afford to provide each student with an iPad, the new Shared iPad feature offers a solution to allow every student to enjoy the customizable benefits of having their own iPad. Students can now log in to any iPad, in any classroom, and pick up right where they left off. Thanks to unique student IDs and intelligent caching features, students have fast, easy access to their apps, books, documents, and downloadable content, right when class starts.


Classroom App


With the Classroom App, teachers can launch the same app on each student’s device at the same time, and guide what each student sees on their device. Teachers can launch and lock certain apps with Remote Control to ensure that students are only looking at the app, website, or page the teacher wants them focused on. With the ability to monitor students real-time actions on the iPads to assist with worksheets or equations, as well as being able to easily project each device to an Apple TV for presentations, advances in iOS software has ensured that the classroom of the future is upon us.


Apple School Manager


It’s never been easier to deploy iPads in schools. Apple has created one central location for IT administrators to create Apple IDs, build courses, and access all the information you need for a deployment - all from a web browser from your Mac or PC. The Apple School Manager makes it easier to build and deliver courses to either students or fellow staff members. With Mobile Device Management software, you can quickly and simply oversee MDM server information and streamline device setup.


Managed Apple IDs


As part of the Apple School Manager, Apple has made some improvements to Apple IDs to assist with schools using iPads. Like regular Apple IDs, they allow a user to store files in iCloud, enroll in iTunes U courses and more.  With managed Apple IDs for schools, you can quickly reset passwords, audit accounts, create IDs in bulk and create customized roles for everyone in the district. Teachers can now easily reset students’ passwords if forgotten right in the classroom versus having to call onsite IT personnel. Creating IDs in bulk make it easy to get an entire classroom up and running, and customized roles make it easy for teachers to have certain permissions over their class, while giving IT admins, or a Principal even more oversight of the program.


Since early 2015, Apple has made it known that they have made the commitment to overhaul its iPad in Education program. With simplified deployment, app distribution features, as well as the upgrade to Apple IDs, it’s clear that Apple has noted complaints in the past and made direct efforts to remedy them. This is another example of Apple making great strides towards bringing their trademark user-friendly service to users in the EDU market. 


Are you a school that is considering implementing an iPad program? Be sure to check out our iOS Management & Deployment page to learn more and find out how CRTG can assist you with your most pressing IT mobility needs.