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Apple Special Event

With the dawn of the fall season, the crowd for the Apple Special Event was out in full force. The audience was large and the venue at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium proved to be spectacular. The main announcements this year highlighted improvements to the Apple Watch and watch OS2, the new iPad Pro, updated Apple TV and hardware, as well as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


Opening with the Apple Watch proved to be a crowd pleaser with the unveiling of new colors, a partnership with luxury brand Hermes for specialty leather bands, as well as a range of new Sport Band colors to be available in a coming fall collection. With the new watchOS 2 being released on Sept. 16, users will be excited to try out over 10,000 apps. This now includes GoPro features, iTranslate, and improvements to Maps and Facebook messenger.


With a large portion of time dedicated to the iPad Pro and its paired accessories, it was easy to see how excited Apple was about launching the new mobile device this coming November. Along with the increases in performance and speed, the new iPad Pro is boasting an impressive 5.6 million pixels on its 12.9 inch retina display. The sheer size of the iPad Pro was striking, as well as the CPU like performance. With 4 speakers and a ten-hour battery life, the iPad Pro looks to replace not just other tablets, but Macbooks as well. Alongside the iPad Pro was a detachable smart keyboard as well as the new pressure and motion-sensing stylus called the Apple Pencil. While Apple traditionally stayed away from a stylus in the past (largely due to Steve Jobs’ personal distaste for them), the Apple Pencil was designed specifically for the new iPad Pro, and showed an impressive level of precision.


Not to be overlooked, the new and improved Apple TV drew much applause from the packed auditorium. With Tim Cook claiming the future of TV is apps, the crowd watched in awe as the new Siri showcased a seamless interaction with your typical iOS Internet, with zero interruption of your current programs. Games, television programming, Apple Music, apps, and shopping will all now be available from your TV. Apple’s future looks to take over the home living room with an entertainment system encompassing all of these previously separate mediums.


Further, a new remote control was unveiled featuring a motion sensor for ease of use as well as a microphone to ask Siri a plethora of questions. The new Apple TV offers plenty to developers who are eager to add to the new tvOS continually improve the Apple TV experience.


Lastly, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were revealed. Upgraded with speed and performance, the new iPhone looks to be another record selling mobile device. The new Pressure Touch and 3D Touch features allow for quicker speed of daily tasks performed on the phone. With improvements to the front and rear cameras and 4K video capabilities, the photo abilities took center stage. A new highlight called Live Photos comes standard, and brings your pictures to life in just a touch. By automatically recording the 1.5 seconds before and after your pictures are taken, tapping the screen will show you the real time movement before capturing it to still frame. Together, the new iPhone comes with an upgrade program. For a monthly fee, current users can upgrade to the latest iPhone every year regardless of your carrier. The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus plan to be available on Sept. 25th.


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