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Keeping your Network Safe & Sound

Being in the business of IT, we take very seriously the business of your security.   Shoring up the enterprise perimeter against attackers is a constant battle that requires staying current on attack varieties. Your data is your most important asset and threats must be circumvented so that your network is not compromised.



The firewall market has evolved in recent years with network intrusion protection, application control, full stack inspection, and other security functions provided within the next generation firewall. To fight current threats, firewall vendors are packaging advanced threat defense solutions with firewalls.


Some areas to investigate if you are the Network Admin are as follows:

If the option to turn on IPS functions is missing, your provider is falling behind.  Without a variety of high-availability options available, you expose your organization to risk.  Malware coming in and data going out is another indication that the current firewall might be in need of updating.  Misconfiguration accounts for the vast majority of firewall breaches.  Knowing which features are needed is obviously helpful but oftentimes overlooked by lack of knowledge of the firewall product and services.


Web application firewalling is becoming a more important feature for protecting Web servers against attacks. Ensuring that the firewall can block what it should at a high rate and that data loss prevention is present to restrict loss of sensitive/privileged data.


Many firewalls provide highly scalable performance abilities.  Some solutions are better at dialing down issues into incidents while helping administrators understand what certain users are doing without being overly complicated


Overall CRTG's recommendation is to evaluate your current vendor’s adequacy and worthiness. Next, update current/future needs and reach out to security IT experts who have solutions that will fit into your business model.


The landscape is changing and evolving for security measures.   There are options for a variety of technologies but moreover the on-premise physical appliance should be key to your business network.