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The Oscars and my iPhone

I'm not a huge go out to the movies kind of gal, however the 87th Annual Academy Awards was on last night which honors the best films of 2014.  Commonly, it's a Hollywood Who's Who of the biggest celebrities in the world walking the red carpet.  The glitz and the glamour make it one of those award shows which reporters and photographers weigh-in on who wore it best and who wore it worst.    Of course if you browse the web, you can find the listings of the winners in each category.  This is an annual show and every year there seems to be something new that this show has to offer.

Sitting comfortably on the couch with your iPhone or other device, you can download the numerous apps which can keep you up to date with those "Oscar Moments".  Here are a few we like- And recommended by other Oscar fans.

1.  Guess the Movie?  What if it's commercial time and you're tired of the typical movie trivia games? Download Guess the Movie and have fun putting your movie knowledge to the test. The title is pretty straightforward: guess the movie based off of simple images and icons. This game can get addictive so be sure to look up every few minutes or you may miss it when The Academy Awards return from commercial break.

2. Fashion Police another great universal app that fans of E! would love is the official Fashion Police app. Keep track of the big night's fashion hits and misses in the palm of your hand. Take part in the polls and voice your opinion as if you were there with the E! hosts.

3.  Meet The Awards gives you a complete list of all nominees in every category. Lists of past winners and nominees are also available along with IMDB's movie profiles and movie trailers. This is another good universal app for following along if the previous options just aren't enough.