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SharePlan - How can it help me?

We recently added a new service to our Managed Services offerings called Shareplan.  The features and benefits are amazing and we believe would be of great value to you and your business.

In a quick nutshell here are some features of Shareplan:


•It's a secure and easy way to sync files across your devices and with other people.

•You can access files wherever you are-from your computer, your mobile devices, from a web browser on any device.

•You can share files with anyone, anywhere – without file size or storage limits.

•SharePlan integrates seamlessly with Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Files and folders anywhere on your device can be synced and shared with SharePlan.


If you are like me, I work in an environment where our corporate files are stored and protected on a server.  I feel safe knowing that my documents are being backed up and managed by my team who have layers of redundancy in place.  However, outside of work, I do use two consumer products- Dropbox and Google Drive.   Between these products,  I know that I'm lacking secure synching of files across my devices.


I'm definitely a candidate that could implement SharePlan.  My data needs to be secure and with this program, I can accomplish this.


Do you have security set in place for your precious data?  This is a big and honest question which has a simple answer.  If the answer is no, then SharePlan maybe a solution for you!  Check out this video that will give you some further insight on the program.