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Restarting Has Startling Results

Have you ever wondered, "Does rebooting actually solve my computer problems?"

When you call IT, the first think they usually tell you to do is to restart your computer or the application your having issues with. A lot of technical trouble is temporary and can be fixed by simply turning your computer (or application) off and on again. In tech-talk, it's probably just a "glitch". Your computer or application may also install important updates during this reboot, which may result less complications in the future.

Next time you're having an issue with your system that keeps you from getting your work done, try restarting the program you're using (i.e., Safari, Mail, iTunes, etc.). If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer all together. If you find that after a reboot the problem has persisted, then there might be a more serious problem at hand. At which point, it would be wise to consult with IT to get it resolved so you can get back to your important responsibilities ASAP.

Most people are skeptical to try this turn-it-off-and-on tactic because it seems too good to be true. Consider this: it's so good it must be true.