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How to Prepare for an IT Disaster

Every business is required to have an emergency plan in place.  However, few businesses have a data recovery strategy in case of an emergency. You're prepared for a natural disaster, but are you equipped for an IT disaster?


In a blink, your hard work could vanish. Having a procedure in place provides relief that your data is safely backed up and accessible in times of data loss. Fire, earthquake or the accidental click of a button, can cost your business time and money. Preparation is most important in setting your IT Disaster strategy in motion.


Follow CRTG's simple steps to prepare for an IT disaster: Plan, Protect, Perform. (P3)


Plan your road to recovery. Establish a plan that will quickly bring your business back to its feet post-disaster.
Protect your data by having daily backups to guarantee the data that you'll recover is current.
Perform regular "emergency" drills to verify your plan still parallels your ever-growing business. Learn More.