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Are Major Network Fixes in your Future? Monitoring Tools Can Spot Issues

Mobile devices, real-time messages, demanding applications and social collaboration are just some of the strains placed on a corporate network. As an IT Administrator or business owner, do you have a strategy in motion to keep your network managed?


Signs of trouble spots can surface in many forms. Identified are a few key challenges that can bring emphasis to larger network issues.



Challenge #1: An awareness of significant lag time


Challenge #2: Strain during peak usage time


Challenge #3: Streaming video buffering


Challenge #4:  User Complaints  "Why is this so slow!  My application just crashed!"  


These issues are just a handful of network shortcomings that are in existence. Being acutely aware of these challenges can create a solution of policy changes within an organization.


Monitoring your network through a management system will help assess and identify times & locations of traffic and performance issues. Moreover, timing is critical in isolating bandwidth usage spikes. Using a network monitoring system(NMS) will allow monitoring of network traffic, show bandwidth peak consumption and application contention for bandwidth. The reporting tools can spot bottlenecks and chokepoints seamlessly.


A business without a NMS in place is oftentimes blind to its own network. The sentiment that the network will “just work” is murmured until one day it ultimately doesn’t.


NMS can also be thought of as tools used on either small or large scales.  Infrastructure may not necessarily be the culprit in need of overhauling.  Solution wise, traffic balancing and optimization are areas that can be analyzed and confronted as good starting points.  Examining BYOD policies, WAN, switches and other networking equipment are key focuses for a business to make determinations and ultimately decisions on those changes within that business.


Going deeper within the network enables a business to view what exactly is occurring on that network and recognize how a variety of technologies and applications are impacting system performance. A created baseline can help define what normal usage is. The NMS is that gauge to successfully take the network into a normal base range. If the problem still exists even after network adjustments are imposed, more serious improvements will have to be examined. Time and further analyses should be slated for imparting new solutions that include deeper testing.


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