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Apple Monumental Announcement - The Watch

"i"want that Watch!

March 9th 2015 was a defining moment in Apple's announcement history with the new Apple watch being presented by Tim Cook to an "oohing and awing" audience.


Pricing starts at $349 and there's indication it'll be worth the hefty cost. The tiny wearable is ultra customizable, coming in two different sizes with 11 different watch faces, as well as a variety of bands and surface options.


In keeping with Apple's history in ensuring that they think of what consumers will love, their new watch has some amazing features and benefits.   I can only imagine that Apple's development team spent countless hours, meetings and prototypes to finally end up with the final product.


There are dozens of features on the Apple watch.  If you are the techie type, fitness or just someone who just loves bling, this watch definitely appeals to someone's personal taste.


Below are some featured highlights

•Apple Pay

•Hotel or Car Key Replacement

•Novel Digital Crown

•Fitness and Health Tracking

•Full-fledged Apps

•Actionable Notification

•Remote Control Function

•Passbook Integration

•Digital Touch Communication



Lookout world, there's a new watch in town and my speculation is that other competitors will soon follow suit!--- Kari Poucher, Team CRTG (and I want the bling!)