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The Current State of the Internet Security Landscape

With 2015 coming to a close, it is time to evaluate Internet security, and take note of what to expect for 2016.  With data breaches being a constant headline these days, it's hard not to wonder how and why these attacks keep happening. There are three main factors that expose the lack of proper online protection.


1.    A LACK OF PREPARATION:  It is all too common for a small to medium sized organization to assume they are not targets for a data breach or attack due to their size. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. The value of simple data makes any sized business a target. SMB’s tend to have fewer walls protecting their valuable information and therefore are vulnerable for a breach. Oftentimes, business security only becomes a concern after the organization has suffered a cyber attack.  In today’s day and age, not having an internet security service is similar to not having health or automobile insurance. If you wouldn’t risk waiting until after a costly accident to your car or personal health, why leave the security of your business vulnerable until it’s too late?


2.    EASY ACCESSIBLE DATA:  The ease at which we may access our data today has been a blessing and a curse for many businesses, regardless of size. With data being hosted in-house on a server, in a cloud provider’s service, on portable USBs and hard drives, to laptops, mobile devices, and tablets, there are numerous ways for employees to access company sensitive data. While this has provided employees a way to work from home or out of town, it has also created several new avenues for cybercriminals to steal this same data. This ease of access requires more training and diligence from your employees, or a stronger outsourced security provider to cover all of these exposures.


3.    SECURING THE INTERNET OF THINGS:  Another growing trend in the internet landscape has been dubbed the Internet of Things (IoT). If you have not heard this phrase yet, you most certainly will in 2016. The Internet of Things refers to the networking and connectivity of a wide variety of new devices. Everyday objects from household appliances to automobiles to heart monitoring implants now have the ability to connect to the internet and share valuable data. While this provides endless possibilities, it also creates an incredible amount of new access points for connecting to the internet. This requires a layered approach to security in order to monitor and control all of these new endpoints. The sources of cyber attacks have multiplied because of this.  Therefore, security must adapt at an even faster rate. This may be a challenging feat, however expect new software and security protocols to take affect in 2016 to combat these new threats.


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