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Mac System Engineer Assessment

In addition, please email a copy of your resume to:

In the subject line, please include: "Resume Submission for Mac System Engineer" + your name. 

Note: Submissions must include both your resume AND this completed form to be reviewed.

Please fill out all of the information below:

Name *
Address *
Phone *
Please list at least 3 references with at least one being a former employer/direct manager: Please include their name, their relationship to you, and their phone number(s). (You can skip this step if the references are included on your resume):
Technical Experience
Please rate your level of experience/qualifications on whether or not you would agree that you are an expert for each of the following:
Desktop Troubleshooting - Hardware *
Desktop Troubleshooting - Hardware
Diagnostics, failed components, RAM upgrades, etc.
Desktop Troubleshooting - Software *
Desktop Troubleshooting - Software
OS X client, boot issues, file permissions, Terminal/Command Line, font issues, etc.
Server Technologies - Configuration & Troubleshooting *
Server Technologies - Configuration & Troubleshooting
OS X Server, Kerio Connect, Microsoft Exchange, etc.
Networking - Configuration *
Networking - Configuration
Routing, Switches, DNS, Firewall, VPN, VLAN, Data Cabling
Networking - Troubleshooting *
Networking - Troubleshooting
WireShark, packet capture, DNS, etc.
Networking - Wifi Expertise *
Networking - Wifi Expertise
Wifi network design, implementation, troubleshooting, etc.
Enterprise Mobile Solutions for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. *
Enterprise Mobile Solutions for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
MDM, Mass Deployment & Configuration, Data Synchronization, etc.
Office Productivity - Usage & Training *
Office Productivity - Usage & Training
Microsoft Office, Apple Mail, iWork, etc.
Office Productivity - Troubleshooting *
Office Productivity - Troubleshooting
Microsoft Office, Apple Mail, iWork, etc.
Graphic Design - Prepress Workflows *
Graphic Design - Prepress Workflows
Adobe CS, Quark, Font Management, Color Management, etc.
Media Integration / Home Automation *
Media Integration / Home Automation
Crestron, Sonos, Lutron, Savant, Apple TV, AirPlay, etc.
Photography Workflow *
Photography Workflow
Aperture, LightRoom, iPhoto, etc.
Video Production Workflow *
Video Production Workflow
FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premiere, SAN, etc.
Music Production Workflow *
Music Production Workflow
ProTools, Logic, GarageBand, etc.
Financial Management Apps - Troubleshooting *
Financial Management Apps - Troubleshooting
Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.
Database Design *
Database Design
FileMaker Pro, SQL, etc.
Web Services *
Web Services
CMS, Web forms, MySQL, PHP, etc.
Personal Skills
Personal Skills
Please rate yourself on the following: Would you agree that the following areas are one of your strengths?
Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Customer Service Skills
Organizational Skills
Project Management
Ability to Work Autonomously
General Questions