The greatest threat humanity is facing within the next decade, according to the Global Risk Report of 2021, is the failure of cyber security. With Patriot Day coming this weekend in memory of 9/11, government security specialists have predicted a cyber attack on 9/11 to be “inevitable.” This is a digital attack that can cause harm to people and affect the global financial sector. There are three possible scenarios that can occur; physical attacks, financial attacks, or hackers breaching data.

In the first scenario, there could be physical attacks that can affect usage of critical services. For example, there was a hack to the JBS Meatpacking and Colonial Pipeline, which caused the shutdown of basic services. In the second scenario, attacks on banks or institutions can cause outrage among populations. The thought of not being able to access your funds through an ATM machine or being unable to use your credit card would definitely cause a great deal of distress. In the third scenario, criminal hackers could infiltrate data, and cause disturbance and hardship to businesses. For example, in 2015, BNY Mellon (an investment bank), was hacked and their securities were mispriced. This resulted in a large drop in the stock market.

Do not fall victim to one of these attacks. Secure your network and ensure you have an IT company to monitor activity within your systems. You do not want to be in a position where you are attacked and do not have someone to secure your data. If you are interested in booking a discovery call with us, call 877-MACS-911 or fill out the form at